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If you’re here, it’s because you like my stuff, hate me, or just enjoy my marketing tactics. Whoever you are, thank you.

I’m an actor, writer, comedian, director,  based in Barbados and Canada. I feel like I really do whatever I think is going to impact people the way I want to. This website is where you can find updates for shows/ live events, purchase tickets, see some of my social media content, get access to recorded versions of live shows I’ve done and specially created, longer-form content.

Due to COVID pandemic, there are no booked shows or live performances upcoming at the moment. When there are, those updates will be here. 

There’s a link on the right to my first ever stage play. Honestly, creating those kinds of live experiences, plays and stand up, that’s where my heart is. Everything else is to facilitate that. As I said, it was our first attempt, back in 2017.  If you want to check it out, or just feel to support so I can keep doing what I love, hit the link and grab digital license. 

When we did it , we had run it six times and sold out all six shows with the option to do a lot more, but other commitments got in the way.  Some people weren’t able to make those shows and asked if they’d be able to watch online at some point. Now, you can. Hopefully, we can put on another one later this year. It’s in the works, but we’ll see what COVID lets us do.

Anyway, keep checking back here. I’ll let you know what’s up.

Lord Zenn Presents
"Good Looking"

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